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LTV - Lunar Terrain Vehicle

Human mobility driving the Artemis campaign forward

LTV Overview

Lunar Dawn's LTV led by Lunar Outpost represents an extraordinarily capable off-road robotic transportation system to carry both crew and cargo on the surfaces of Moon, Mars, and beyond. Our LTV is the most capable vehicle for use on other planetary bodies ever created, capable of carrying significant cargo alongside a human crew.

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LTV Capabilities

The LTV is capable of operating in the most extreme environments continuously. With minimal need for maintenance and a focus on Astronaut safety, the LTV will enable the Artemis campaign to thrive furthering critical Science objectives and enabling a sustainable Moon base.

New mission profiles to build and maintain infrastructure, extract resources, and perform extended exploration missions are now possible.

Lunar Craters

Book Mobility Services

Join us onboard the Lunar Terrain Vehicle and be a part of the New Space economy.

Night Skies

Infrastructure and Resources

Utilize the most capable off world vehicle ever designed for your space infrastructure or resources project.


Working With the Best

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