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Our Voyages

Lunar Outpost has 4 missions to the Moon with the first voyage launching this year on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. With proven spaceflight heritage and demonstrated successful operation with MOXIE on the Mars Perseverance rover, Lunar Outpost is poised to learn from each mission and deliver paradigm shifting capabilities that will enable a sustainable human presence in space.



Lunar Voyage 3

Lunar Voyage 3 is a ground breaking commercial mission with a secured anchor customer. More details including the launch date and landing location will be announced soon. If you want to join us on this voyage to the stars, contact us.


Lunar Voyage 2

Lunar Voyage 2 is heading to Reiner Gamma to investigate a magnetic anomaly on the lunar surface that has puzzled scientists for hundreds of years. In collaboration with JHU APL and NASA, this mission will help unlock the secrets of the Moon and our solar system.

4K - 3840 x 2160 (Right Earth)


Lunar Voyage 1

Lunar Voyage 1 is enabling Nokia to establish the first cellular network on another planetary body. Slated to be the first rover at the lunar South Pole, be the first commercial rover on another planetary body, and complete the first sale of space resources in human history; Lunar Voyage 1 sets the stage for the next era in space.



As the flagship mission for the Australian Space Agency and a critical collaboration as part of NASA's Artemis program, Trailblazer will be the first end-to-end demonstration of space resource utilization on another planetary body. 

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Lunar Outpost operated MOXIE on Mars throughout the systems entire life cycle, from landing to demonstrating the first extraction of space resources on another planet turning CO2 into Oxygen. Our team gained valuable experience in design, analysis, testing, verification, and operations from this early success.



Environmental monitoring spinoff that has collected over 40B unique data points in over 35 states and 14 countries. The largest use case is mitigation of methane leaks, where the Canary has prevented well over 100k tons of methane from being leaked into the atmosphere. Still a growing product line today, the Canary originally spun-off of a life support system developed for the Deep Space Gateway.

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