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Advanced Robotics for Space Exploration and Infrastructure

We provide robotics that can withstand the most extreme environments in space and on Earth


Fantastic Rover 2789x2057.png

Rover Mass:   5-10kg

Payload Mass:   15kg (max)

Dimensions:   45 x 38 x 40cm

Top Speed:   10 cm/s

Lunar Night Survival:   Optional


LV2 MAPP Sunset Square Medium 2336x2336.png

Rover Mass:   30kg

Payload Mass:   30kg

Dimensions:   1m x 2m x 1m

Top Speed:   1 m/s

Lunar Night Survival:   Optional



Rover Mass:   250 kg

Payload Mass:   200kg

Dimensions:   1m x 2m x 2m

Top Speed:   3 m/s

Lunar Night Survival:   Yes

Both Rovers_edited.jpg


Mobility for Space Exploration

Fly With Us

Reserve your payload space onboard one of our historic missions today. After you submit a payload questionnaire, one of our Payload Integration Managers will contact you to help plan your mission to the Moon, Mars, or beyond.


Ultimate Mobility for Space Exploration


Industrial Extraterrestrial Robot


Large Scale Robot to Extract Space Resources

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