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Lunar Outpost EU Open in Luxembourg

02 June 2022

Lunar Outpost is proud to announce that it has established a new European HQ in Luxembourg! The company is entitled Lunar Outpost EU and will focus on cutting-edge thermal technologies complementary to the planetary mobility and robotics platforms, like the MAPP lunar rover, being developed by Lunar Outpost in the United States. These thermal technologies will not only enable lunar night survival but also ensure operations in some of the toughest environments in our solar system.

A driver for opening a European subsidiary was the leadership that Luxembourg has demonstrated in the fields of space resources, deep technology, and innovation. To this effect, Lunar Outpost EU’s project will be funded by the Government of Luxembourg through an ESA Contract in the Luxembourg National Space Programme, LuxIMPULSE.

LuxIMPULSE is an innovative program dedicated to creating R&D capabilities in Luxembourg that are important for not only furthering progress in space, but also growing sustainable and successful companies. It is one of the initiatives managed by LSA that have made it a key part of the space resources and New Space community.

“Our team is excited and appreciative to have this opportunity,” stated Julian Cyrus, newly appointed Lunar Outpost EU CEO, “It is obvious how much the Luxembourgish government is willing to help foster growth in this sector, and we look forward to the work needed to become a key part of the European space industry.”

To talk about what Lunar Outpost EU is investigating more specifically, imagine a rover on the Moon. The lack of wind and sound in the vacuum of space makes the environment seem peaceful, when in reality, the Moon contains extremely harsh conditions, with the difference in temperature between sunlight and shadow being hundreds of degrees Celsius.

Throughout its mission, the rover must carefully follow and adjust its concept of operations to balance achievement with survival. Finally, at the end of the lunar day it is hit with the terminal cold of the lunar night and its systems start to shut down as its mission draws to an end. However, if you could allow the rover and its lander to survive and eventually operate during the lunar night, then all the work gone into the mission can be repaid many times over as the operational lifespan is extended.

That is what Lunar Outpost EU is working on; the creation of thermal and survivability technologies that allow vehicles and infrastructure to operate longer on the lunar surface, in space, and other extreme environments. This will be key to supporting long-term missions in the near future, including ones with astronauts.

The increasing international capabilities at organizations of all sizes has made it more important than ever to understand and collaborate with space ecosystems around the globe. Forward thinking programs, like LuxIMPULSE from LSA and Tipping Point from NASA are accelerating those capabilities. Because of this, Lunar Outpost, a company operating on multiple planets, is now operating on multiple continents on our own planet as well.


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