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Lunar Outpost Announces Third Mission: Lunar Voyage 3

Lunar Outpost's MAPP rover will explore the lunar surface on a fully commercial mission

16 January 2024

Lunar Outpost is excited to announce that we have booked our third fully contracted lunar rover mission! Our team will provide mobility for the mission's scientific and commercial payloads to continue expanding humanity's knowledge about the Moon. Also confirmed is Intuitive Machines as the lander provider and SpaceX as the launch provider.

With our anchor customers secured, this fully commercial mission demonstrates the viability of the new cislunar economy. Through strategic missions like this one, we’re tackling intricate challenges and envisioning innovative solutions that are laying the groundwork for a sustainable human presence in space. Lunar Outpost is at the forefront of enabling crucial lunar infrastructure like cellular communications networks, power generation, precise launch and landing, surface transportation, in-situ construction, and habitat development. Our consistent delivery of cost-effective and high-quality spacecraft underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Opportunities for payloads on Lunar Voyage 3 are now available. This commercial venture offers a unique opportunity to be part of pioneering exploration on the Moon. Whether you’re a scientist looking to conduct groundbreaking research or a business aiming to become a leader in the New Space Economy, our mission provides a platform for your ambitions. Lunar Outpost’s lunar mobility services provide access to previously inaccessible environments and novel opportunities.

Contact us today to discuss how your payload can be part of this historic journey!


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